Antarctica: A Year On Ice (Film Review)

The anticipation is starting to get to me! I have been patiently watching the other Grosvenor Teacher Fellows depart and return from their expeditions, but mine is still more than 5 months away. When the current group returns home on July 8, more than half of us will have already been on expedition. But one … Continue reading Antarctica: A Year On Ice (Film Review)

The Countdown Is On!

At this time of year, many teachers have a number of "countdowns" going on. Now that my shipboard travel and flights have been officially booked, I am very excited to begin counting down for my Grosvenor Teacher Fellow expedition! My to-do list to complete before then is very long -- including getting a complete medical physical and being … Continue reading The Countdown Is On!

Understanding Size and Scale

This past weekend, I went to National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, D.C. for a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program pre-expedition workshop. It was an incredible weekend of networking, collaboration, and excitement amongst like-minded colleagues, some true chicken soup for the teacher's soul. While I was away, I learned more about my upcoming expedition to Antarctica, and … Continue reading Understanding Size and Scale